The magic of stainless steel

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Image of stainless steel clad roof
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Source: ISSF (International Stainless Steel Forum).

Stainless steel has a magical property

ISSF has produced an outstanding video on an important magic property of stainless steel that is self-healing when damaged. This is similar to experience of a person. The chromium content of stainless steel forms a protective layer (like human skin) that prevents any corrosion following damage. Stainless steel’s anti-corrosion property is one of most important in ensuring its growing use.

Stainless steel of the future

Stainless steel’s strength, durability and its magical property will enable it to stand the test of time over centuries in all conditions. It has been around for only little more than one century and already has extensive use in multiple industries including food, health, farming, engineering, buildings, art, jewellery and many more. Further developments in multiple grades of stainless steel given varying percentages of metals and chemicals that it comprises, will add to its use and sustainability.

Most modern stainless steel laser cutting machinery

Stainless steel fabrication is an integral part of the global engineering industry that seeks to form, reform, create the metal into its many usable products. Extensive developments have been made also in machinery that supports the fabrication process. Previous mechanical and hydraulic processes have most recently been enhanced by stainless steel laser cutting, stainless steel fiber laser cutting, and CNC (computer numerical control) for each of the machines. Processing stainless steel takes moments with these most modern computer laser cutting machines and the resulting products are of very high quality. There is no sanding, polishing or deburring required.

Stainless steel’s high degree of flexibility and formability make it ideal for creative products across industries. It is these properties that are piquing the interest of artists, architects, civil engineers and other engineers alike.

It is also the case that stainless steel is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Today 60% of stainless steel produced is sourced from recycled product. This is an increasing volume and it is possible for the industry to reach lofty percentages of recycled product.

Nijen Stainless Fabrications are one of leading stainless steel fabricators Northern Ireland. Nijen Stainless Fabrications has over 20 years been making products for the UK and Ireland using stainless steel with various mechanical and hydraulic machinery. Its  most recent additions to the CNC equipment includes machinery for stainless steel laser cutting, stainless steel fiber laser cutting and stainless steel press brake.